About the Show
An exhibition featuring two award-winning artists and graduates of Dundee's Duncan of Jordanstone Art College opens on the 12th September. The exhibition features new work by Rosanne Barr and Ann Wegmüller, both of whom have gone on to become highly acclaimed artists since graduating.

Rosanne Barr

Rosanne's landscapes are not directly representative of a location or pictoral viewpoint. The colours of the sea can be transferred to mountain; flowers to sky. They are formed by the movement of brush and paint in response to the artist's impression of scenic beauty - the sky, sea and landforms of Scotland and abroad.

These paintings, in turn, invite a response from the viewer which can recall memories of a place once visited or of one which lies in the mind's eye. They are 'Lands of Escape. Preview Rosanne's work.

Ann Wegmüller RSW

Watercolour for Ann lends itself to the subject matter relating to water: the sea, beaches and pools; clouds and snow. Rather than try and paint them as they are in nature, Ann tries to infuse them with her emotional response. This she does through colour. It creates the mood of the painting; the cool subtle colours of winter and, the hot, bright colours of summer.

Her paintings are all memories of places she has seen. Preview Ann's work.
Perthshire Open Studios
The exhibition has been organised as part of Perthshire Open Studios. Taking place across 9 days between 27th September and 5th October, the gallery is featured in the Plum Route alongside the artists Petronella Haldane and Iona Leishman at Gleneagles House. For more information read to Perthshire Open Studios website.



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