About the Show
During September and October the gallery feature three talented artists Mairi Clark, Susan Cook and Iona Leishman. New work will be on show, including paintings and sculpture, with the exhibition being part of the second Perthshire Open Studios event.

Mairi Clark

I enjoy experimenting with texture and colour, mainly working on land and seascapes. I find it really exciting looking at cliff and cave structures with the changing elements of sea and sky. Preview a selection of Mairi's paintings.


Susan Cook

I edit as I work, often instinctively; notations lead to clarity, then progress to working on bigger forms. Natural expressions of nature; patinas out of looking, providing a fund of actual images. Preview a selection of Susan's paintings and sculptures.


Iona Leishman

I paint landscape en plein air, exhilarated by the sheer variety of colour and texture to be seen in every season. One of my favourite times of year is when the trees lose their leaves and the elegant structure of trunk and branches can be used to frame a distant vista. Preview a selection of Iona's paintings.


The exhibition has been organised as part of Perthshire Open Studios. Taking place across Perthshire and Kinross between 5th and 13th September, the gallery is featured in the Plum Route alongside other artists venues throughout Strathearn. For more information read to Perthshire Open Studios website.