About the Show
The Gallery is pleased to present its Spring Exhibition featuring a number of leading contemporary artists from around Scotland. The show, which runs for the duration of the Perth Festival of the Arts, presents new work by Perthshire artists Caroline Best, Margaret Evans and Iona Leishman, alongside other Scottish artists Gillian Allan, Cara Mckinnon Crawford and Hugh Kirkwood.
Perth Festival of the Arts
The long-running festival goes from strength to strenth with a great programme of international performers. Events take place in several venues in and around Perth and include both popular and classical music, jazz, comedy, dance and exhibitions.
Exhibition Information
You can view a short movie preview of the exhibition on s1play.com.
Alternatively, download the exhibition brochure (1mb).
Gillian Allan
Both during her working life and since retiring, Gillian has attended courses at Glasgow School of Art and has painted with several tutors abroad.
She has developed her work from traditional watercolour and oils to a more impressionist and abstract style. She derives much inspiration from landscape both in Scotland and abroad. Although she still prefers watercolour for painting flowers, most of her work is now in oils.
Caroline Best
Caroline is curious to explore different techniques and materials, including clay, cement, wax, wood, stone and mixed media - casting in either cold or hot bronze and occasionally terracotta. Apart from commissions, Caroline prefers to progress in series, as can be seen in her series of Angels, some of which are included in this exhibition.
The style of her work varies according to subject and observation. It is essential to her that the sculptures convey energy and spirit, transferring inner senses to outer environment - sometimes with humour, but not sentiment.
Cara Mckinnon Crawford
The sea features in many of Cara's paintings, either as a subject in its entirety or just as part of a background. It is here that she finds her greatest challenge, to capture an ever changing expanse of water. The sea is capable of provoking so many different emotions.
Margaret Evans
Margaret is continually inspired to produce colourful and striking new work from her experiences both at home and the places that her painting workshops take her to. Her travels have taken her throughout Europe, India, Australia and USA, producing reference material (sketchbooks and photographs) that covers an infinite wealth of subjects.
Hugh Kirkwood
Steeped in the tradition of Scottish art and painting directly from life, Hugh's main subject matter is figurative. His work is inspired by the quality of light and movement, and is made all the more satisfying for him when people enter the landscape. He finds painting directly from life challenging but very rewarding and an emotional response to what surrounds him. Like Fergusson and Peploe before him, he enjoys painting people on a beach.

Iona Leishman

Rich, luscious colours and textures draw Iona to combined media that can include oil, pastel, charcoal, ink and collage all in one piece of work. Her paintings are both exciting and intricate - very eye-catching but also rewarding to close scrutiny. Joan Eardley is a major influence on her work, as is contemporary Orcadian artist Peter McLaren



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