About the Show
The Summer Exhibition at The Ruthven Gallery opens to the public on the 18th July. The gallery is pleased to present a selection of new work from Northumberland-based artist Robert Newton alongside works by Scottish artists Gillian Allan, Cara Mckinnon Crawford and Hugh Kirkwood. The gallery is also pleased to present two new artists to its exhibition space: the wood turner Angus Clyne and the painter David Hay.
Robert Newton
For Robert, painting is fundamental in the approach to his creative process. Never afraid to use colour, Robert's work explores both composition and expression, yet always maintains the painterly approach he pays most attention to. Robert sees his work as painting nature not only in context but as a vehicle to express the medium, its plasticity and how it conveys an illusion of reality.
He describes his work as 'Painting Nature', as a direct response to his immediate surroundings; exploring colour, composition and expression, yet maintaining the very traditions of British painting. Preview the work.
Cara Mckinnon Crawford
Cara was born in Campbeltown, Argyll, and raised in the Highland Village of Strathpeffer. All aspects of the arts were central to her formative years, latterly resulting in a B. A. Honours Degree in Drawing and Painting at Glasgow School School of Art in 1984.
For inspiration, Cara enjoys the isolation of more remote parts of Scotland and the exciting aspect of painting on-site in these locations, trying to capture the continuously changing light, atmosphere and colour of the diverse land. As described by art historian and critic, Julian Halsby, 'This is not painting to a is painting that speaks from the heart - painting with passion.' Preview the work.
David Hay
David lives and paints in the border's village of Yetholm. His paintings relate to the local landscape, but also of places he has traveled and remembered. Sources for David's paintings are the environment - natural and built - often beautiful, but sometimes disturbing and threatening. Atmosphere and the effect of changing light on the mood of his subjects are of great interest to him. Preview the work.
Hugh Kirkwood
Steeped in the tradition of Scottish art and painting directly from life, Hugh's main subject matter is figurative. His work is inspired by the quality of light and movement, and is made all the more satisfying for him when people enter the landscape. He finds painting directly from life challenging but very rewarding and an emotional response to what surrounds him. Like Fergusson and Peploe before him, he enjoys painting people on a beach. Preview the work
Elaine Jones
Suspension in mauve is one of Elaine’s new series of vertical compositions. Although derived originally from nature, it is primarily an abstract painting which plays with the use of space and spontaneous mark-making. These organic strokes compliment the introduction of controlled geometric lines. Preview the work
Angus Clyne
Angus became a professional wood turner in 1998. He has developed his own tools and techniques to suit his needs. All the woods he uses are locally sourced and sustainable.
Over the years Angus has concentrated on making bowls and vases often very large thin walled vessels which give priority to form and the natural grain of wood. The vessels are central to the work produced but are also often carved, distressed and burnt, focusing on texture, grain, contrast, line and form. Preview the work.



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