Louise Balaam

Louise's work is inspired by an emotional response to the natural world, in particular to the quality of light. She is fascinated by the relationships between light and dark, and with how the pattern of light creates an emotional impact. She draws in the landscape and then paints intuitively in the studio, so that the work has a sense of place, yet also evokes memories and personal interpretations in the viewer. Her paintings relate to the English landscape tradition - Constable's oil sketches are an important influence.
Rosemary Bassett
Rosemary enjoys work with personal expression which constantly struggles to find something new through experimentation. In the past two years Rosemary's work has developed, in particular, through a strong understanding of encaustic painting. This provides her with an interesting and tactile surface which can be used in a variety of ways.
Cara Mckinnon Crawford
The sea features in many of Cara's paintings, either as a subject in its entirety or just as part of a background. It is here that she finds her greatest challenge, to capture an ever changing expanse of water. The sea is capable of provoking so many different emotions.
Hugh Kirkwood
Hugh's work is steeped in the tradition of Scottish art where painting from life is crucial in trying to capture a particular quality of light or movement. The vista is made all the more satisfying for him when people enter the landscape. From the south of France to the west coast of Orkney, the beauty and the drama of God's creation is far greater than anything he could imagine in a studio environment.
Stewart Lammie
The changing light, colour and moods of the landscape around Stewart, particularly the coastline where changes are even more pronounced, inspire him. Stewart paints in oil, which allows him to re-work images over a long period of time; it also gives depth, subtlety of colour and textural advantages to his work.
Tony Morrow
Tony's work comes from within and cannot be quantified; he feels driven to make things. He is always a student and therefore always open to learning. Tony is well known for his public commissions, such as the Lobey Dosser in Glasgow, and has won various awards, including a special commendation for portraiture by the RSA for his sculpture 'Listening to Schubert'.



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