About the Show
The Ruthven Gallery's Winter Show features a number of leading contemporary British artists including Hugh Kirkwood, Cara Mckinnon Crawford and Arie Vardi. Whether it's stunning bronze-resin sculptures by Caroline Best, the charcoal drawings of Robert Newton or the semi-abstract oils of Louise Balaam, there is plenty on display at the show which runs until 24th December. The Gallery is also pleased to present three new artists: Yvonne Healy, Jennifer Robson and 2008 Glasgow Art School graduate Colin Povey.
Preview a selection of the work on display at the exhibition.
Louise Balaam

Louise's work is inspired by an emotional response to the natural world. She is fascinated by the relationships between light and dark, and with how the pattern of light creates an emotional impact. She draws in the landscape and then paints intuitively in the studio, so that the work has a sense of place, yet also evokes memories and personal interpretations in the viewer.

Caroline Best
Caroline is curious to explore different techniques and materials, including clay, cement, wax, wood, stone and mixed media - casting in either cold or hot bronze and occasionally terracotta. The style of her work varies according to subject and observation. It is essential to her that the sculptures convey energy and spirit, transferring inner senses to outer environment - sometimes with humour, but not sentiment.
David Hay
David's paintings relate to his local landscape, but also of places he has travelled and remembered. Atmosphere and the effect of changing light on the mood of his subjects are of great interest to him.
Yvonne Healy

Yvonne's paintings explore new ways of experimenting with colour; explaining a space with less brush strokes, and simplifying and allowing more abstract qualities to come through. In her landscapes, she evokes the presence of the place - how they constantly change as the light picks out the colours and textures.

Hugh Kirkwood
Hugh's work is steeped in the tradition of Scottish art. The vista is made all the more satisfying for him when people enter the landscape. Painting from life is crucial in trying to capture a particular quality of light or movement. From the south of France to the west coast of Orkney, nature's beauty and the drama is far greater than anything he could imagine in a studio environment.
Cara Mckinnon Crawford
Cara enjoys the isolation of more remote parts of Scotland and the exciting aspect of painting on-site in these locations, trying to capture the continuously changing light, atmosphere and colour of the diverse land. As described by art historian and critic, Julian Halsby, "This is not painting to a formula...It is painting that speaks from the heart - painting with passion."
Robert Newton

For Robert, painting is fundamental in the approach to his creative process. Never afraid to use colour, Robert's work explores both composition and expression, yet always maintains the painterly approach he pays most attention to. Robert sees his work as painting nature not only in context but as a vehicle to express the medium, its plasticity and how it conveys an illusion of reality.

Colin Povey
Colin was brought up in West Lothian, painting under broad sweeps of grey clouds, and green swathes below. His landscapes reflect his love of these romantic panoramas and reveal his passion for the drama of that landscape. At the moment, Colin is exploring the subtle nuances that the inclusion of figures bring to landscape.
Jennifer Robson
Jennifer's work usually focuses on self-portraiture, with regards to the 'idea' of self. She is inspired by the loose drawing styles found in works by artists such as Klimt, Schiele, Joan Eardley and Rodin. It's right to be wrong as once you start being wrong anything is possible.
Arie Vardi
Arie captures the mood, emotion and essence of a place. He paints landscapes and seascapes that are inspired by the elemental form of the land and connective points between the sea, sky, shore and hills. Colour and vibrancy, which are influenced by his Mediterranean roots and childhood in Chile, are essential to his work.



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